Special thanks to our Land Donors

Salrock donated by Eileen Coyne
Salrock donated by Eileen Coyne


With the pressures of the market economy we live in, we are often fooled into believing that there is only one way in which things are exchanged: through money transactions.
Our inspiring land donors are showing the way of ‘The Gift’.


Salrock, Connemara, Co. Galway

supporter logo Eileen Coyne
Co. Antrim
Donor of 15 acres at "Salrock", Connemara,
Co. Galway
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A visionary woman, Eileen Coyne, who has deep roots in Salrock, Connemara, gifted 14 acres to Green Sod Ireland in 2013.
Eileen Coyne's family have lived on the holding for generations. Asked why she was gifting the land to Green Sod, Eileen replied: "I don't feel you can ever really say you "own" land. You are a caretaker only and, during your short time on the planet, you can only choose to nurture the land or to abuse it. I feel people globally are waking up to how the planet and the species living on it are all closely inter-linked and inter-dependent. I hope this donation to Green Sod encourages other landowners in Ireland to look again at their wider responsibilities and give thought to donating a site to animal welfare or environmentally-sound charitable organisations."
Green Sod hopes that Eileen’s action will inspire other landowners to do likewise and place land beyond any human development, thus supporting the growth of WildAcres in Ireland. We, in Green Sod, were delighted to accept the gift of this beautiful piece of land with its many changing ecosystems and its wealth of biodiversity and are indebted to Eileen Coyne for taking this visionary step.

Eileen Coyne's gift to Green Sod Ireland

"Salrock", Co. Galway


Redbog, Co. Carlow

supporter logo David Rowe RIP
Retired Teacher
Co. Carlow
Donor of 5 acres at "Red Bog",
Co. Carlow.
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The first land gifted to Green Sod Ireland (2010) was 5 Acres at Red Bog, Clonmore Co. Carlow by the farsighted David Rowe a retired teacher who has worked this small holding in a holistic way with myriad animals for 25 years.

When Mr. Rowe was thanked by the Trust for his generosity and foresight, he replied "There is nothing generous about what I am doing. I am only looking after the land I was lucky enough to have. It was here before me and will, now, be here after me. It makes me happy to know that it will be protected and cared for forever."

Green Sod will always be very grateful to David, who died on August 1st, 2016. May he Rest in Peace. Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam dílis.

A Celebration of David's life took place in Red Bog on September 17th, 2016. It was an occasion that reflected the true spirit of the man. Members of Green Sod, his neighbours and friends enjoyed the occasion, as the sun shone brightly. The gardens continues to provide Green Sod with its organic fruits.

David Rowe's gift to Green Sod Ireland

"Red Bog", Co. Carlow