Facts about County Westmeath

Facts about Co. Westmeath
Westmeath is situated in the midlands of Ireland and is known as 'The County of Lakes and Legends' or 'The Lakeland of Ireland'.
As these names suggest the county is famous for its lakes, boasting the significant number of 12 lakes throughout the county.
The county is also famous for its rivers; the river Shannon is the main river in the region and provides a home for an array of wildlife.
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Land in Co. Westmeath
Population ¹ :
43.13 person / km²
Size ² : 1.857 km² ( 183.965 ha)
2.20 % of the land in Ireland *
Farmland ² : 1.200 km² ( 119.969 ha)
1.43 % of the land in Ireland
Coastline ³ : 0 km
0 % of the Coastline of Ireland
Protected Land * :
There are 16 SACs, 10 SPAs, 9 NHAs, and 1 nature reserve protected by the National Parks and Wildlife Service, and 11 NATURA 2000 sites.


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Wildlife in Co. Westmeath
Special Wildlife *:
Lichens: Abrothallus microspermus, Caloplaca decipiens, Caloplaca obscurella, Caloplaca polycarpa, Candelariella xanthostigma, Catillaria nigroclavata, Cetrelia olivetorum, Chaenotheca ferruginea, Gyalecta derivata, Lecanactis subabietina, Lecania rabenhorstii, Lecanora aitema, Lecanora saligna, Lecanora semipallida, Lecidea hypnorum, Marchandiomyces aurantiacus, Melanohalea laciniatula, Phaeospora parasitica, Physcia clementei, Physcia dubia, Placidium pilosellum, Porina borreri, Pronectria anisospora, Psora lurida, Rhizocarpon umbilicatum, Thelidium decipiens, Toninia episema, Usnea ceratina
Endangered species *:
Fauna: Little Grebe, Great Crested Grebe, Cormorant, Mute Swan, Wigeon, Teal, Pochard, Tufted Duck, Kestrel, Coot, Golden Plover, Lapwing, Snipe, Woodcock, Curlew, Black-headed Gull, Herring Gull, Starling, House Sparrow
Insects: Relative Diver, Chummier Australian, Transition Marsh Beetle, Zircon Reed Beetle, Hairy Reed Beetle, Ring-eyed Great Diving Beetle, A great Diving Beetle, Blackheaded Scavenger Beetle, Mudslinger, Distinguished Whirligig, Hydravore, Shelled Moss Beetle, Hotnecked Scavenger Beetle, Three Bs Diver, Mr Scales's Beetle, Rash Diver, Dinghy Skipper, Dualist, Bright Moss Beetle, Submerged Reed Beetle, Shield Scavenger Beetle.
Gastropods: Prickly Snail, Whirlpool Ram's Horn, Moss Bladder Snail, Smooth Ram's Horn, Heath Snail, English Chrysalis Snail, Lesser Bulin, Glutinous Snail, Beautiful Grass Snail, Marsh Whorl Snail, Geyer's Whorl Snail, Des Mouslin's Whorl Snail, Common Whorl Snail, Striated Whorl Snail, Duck Mussel, Swan Mussel, Lake (or capped) Orb Mussel, Globular Pea Mussel, False Orb Pea Mussel, Iridescent Pea Mussel, Swamp Orb Mussel.

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Polyommatus icarus

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¹ ² ³ * Click here to see Sources.