Facts about County Monaghan

Facts about Co. Monaghan
Monaghan, an inland county in the province of Ulster, is bounded by counties Tyrone, Armagh, Louth, Meath, Cavan, and Fermanagh.
The western part of the county is drained by Lough Erne. The Lagan forms the boundary with Louth. There are numerous lakes in the county.
Several Bronze Age megalithic sites and pre-historic remains bear witness to this county's ancient past.
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Land in Co. Monaghan
Population ¹ :
43.24 person / km²
Size ² : 1,295 km² ( 129,508 ha)
1.55 % of the land in Ireland *
Farmland ² : 996 km² ( 99,586 ha)
1.19 % of the land in Ireland *
Coastline ³ : 0 km
0 % of the Coastline of Ireland *
Protected Land * :
There is 1 SAC, 1 SPA, and 1 Natura 2000 site.

Long Beech Fern

Phegopteris connectilis

by Onenn

Wildlife in Co. Monaghan
Special Wildlife *:
Fauna: buzzard
Lichens: Arthonia epiphyscia, Acarospora heppii, Aspicilia grisea, Bacidia arnoldiana, Bacidia biatorina, Calicium viride, Caloplaca chlorina, Caloplaca chlorina, Caloplaca chrysodeta, Caloplaca ulcerosa, Catillaria nigroclavata, Chaenotheca brunneola, Cladonia furcata subsp. Furcata, Heterodermia japonica, Hypotrachyna Britannica, Lecanora saligna, Lecanora sambuci, Lichenoconium erodens, Melanelixia fuliginosa ssp. fuliginosa
Endangered species *:
Flora: green-winged orchid, basil thyme, elongated sedge
Insects: crescent bluet


Vaccinium myrtillus

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¹ ² ³ * Click here to see Sources.