Facts about County Kilkenny


Co. Kilkenny

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Facts about Co. Kilkenny
Kilkenny, an inland county, is bordered by counties Wexford, Carlow, Laois, Waterford, and Tipperary.
Geologically speaking it is mostly limestone, with areas of black marble around Kilkenny city.
The rivers Nore, Suir, and Barrow flow through it.
Green Sod Ireland Protected Land County Map (small)
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Land in Co. Kilkenny
Population ¹ :
42.24 person / km²
Size ² : 2,073 km² ( 207,289 ha)
2.48 % of the land in Ireland *
Farmland ² : 1,605 km² ( 130,464 ha)
1.92 % of the land in Ireland *
Coastline ³ : 0 km
0 % of the Coastline of Ireland *
Protected Land * :
There are 8 SACs, 1 natural heritage area, and 1 nature reserve run by the National Parks and Wildlife Service, 4 Statutory Nature Reserves, 2 Wildfowl Sanctuaries, 5 Tree Preservation Orders, and 8 Natura 2000 sites.

Common Lilac

Syringa vulgaris

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Wildlife in Co. Kilkenny
Special Wildlife *:
Flora: autumn crocus, meadowsweet, wild angelica, water horsetail, bulrush, water mint, lesser tussock-sedge, nodding bur-marigold, marsh St. John's-wort, black bog-rush, tubular waterdropwort
Fauna: otter
Insects: emerald damselfly, hoverfly Parhelophis consimilis
Marine: sea lamprey, river lamprey, brook lamprey, freshwater pearl mussel, Nore freshwater pearl mussel, crayfish, twaite shad, Atlantic salmon
Lichens: Abrothallus microspermus, Abrothallus parmeliarum, Arthonia vinosa, Bacidia biatorina, Biatora Britannica, Caloplaca aurantia, Caloplaca obscurella, Catillaria nigroclavata, Cladonia caespiticia, Cyrtidula quercus, Enterographa hutchinsiae, Graphina ruiziana, Heterodermia japonica, Lecania cyrtellina, Lecanora cenisia, Lecidea doliiformis, Lepraria umbricola, Melaspilea amota, Melaspilea ochrothalamia, Opegrapha multipuncta, Pachyphiale carneola, Phaeographis lyellii, Porina rosei, Skyttea nitschkei, Trapelia corticola
Endangered species *:
Flora: divided sedge, henbane, meadow barley, nettle-leaved bellflower, green-winged orchid, marsh helleborine, northern yellow-cress, leucodon sciuroides, Killarney fern, divided sedge, clustered clover, basil thyme, hemp nettle, Borrer's saltmarsh grass, opposite-leaved pondweed, wild sage, saw-wort, bird cherry, blue fleabane, fly orchid, broomrape, greater broomrape
Fauna: red squirrel, common frog, common newt, Irish hare

Yorkshire Fog

Holcus lanatus

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¹ ² ³ * Click here to see Sources.