Facts about County Clare

Clifs of Moher

Co. Clare

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Facts about Co. Clare
Clare is bounded on the north by Galway Bay and Galway county, and on the east and south by the River Shannon. The Atlantic Ocean lies to the west. At its western edge lie the Cliffs of Moher.
It is a county of great biological and geological richness. The Burren in the north is an extraordinary region of limestone rock, with an immense variety of flora and a series of underground caves.
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Land in Co. Clare
Population ¹ :
32.16 person / km²
Size ² : 3,450 km² (345,004 ha)
4.12% of the land in Ireland *
Farmland ² : 2,105 km² (210,477 ha)
2.51% of the land in Ireland *
Coastline ³ : 366 km
5.78% of the Coastline of Ireland *
soft coast: 184 km
2.91% of the Coastline of Ireland *
at risk: 53 km
0.84% of the Coastline of Ireland *
Protected Land * :
There are 13 natural heritage areas, 37 SACs, 11 SPAs, 4 nature reserves, and the Burren National Park run by the National Parks and Wildlife Service, 1 Ramsar site, 34 Natura 2000 sites, and several Wildfowl Sanctuaries. The Cliffs of Moher are a designated Refuge for Fauna.

Spear Thistle

Cirsium vulgare

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Wildlife in Co. Clare
Special Wildlife *:
The Burren region supports Arctic, Mediterranean and alpine plants side-by-side, as well as many rare Irish species, a diversity made possible by its unusual environment. It is home to the pearl-bordered fritillary butterfly, which is only found in this region, and the brown hairstreak. The Cliffs of Moher are home to the largest colony of puffins on the island.
Flora: rock sea-lavender, western sea-lavender, dandelion T. Erythrosperma, pyramidal bugle, mountain avens, dropwort, hoary rock-rose, moss campion, mudwort, shrubby cinquefoil
Fauna: lesser horseshoe bat, black-legged kittiwake, shelduck, wigeon, little stint, purple sandpiper, dunlin, common guillemot, razorbill, gadwall, teal, pine marten
Marine: bottlenose dolphin, Pachymatisma johnstoni, Cliona celata, Thymosia guernei, Hemimycale columella, Axinella dissimilis, breadcrumb sponge, Haliclona viscose, Dysidea fragilis, Tubularia indivisa, Halecium halecinum, northern sea fan, pink sea fan, Parazoanthus anguicomus, Actinia fragacea, Urticina eques, Bispira volutacornis, crawfish, common spider crab, Limacia clavigera, Alcyonidium diaphanum, Porella compressa, Pentapora fascialis, Solaster endeca, Henricia sanguinolenta, Paracentrotus lividus, Holothuria forskali, Pawsonia saxicola, Aslia lefevrei, Lissoclinum perforatum, football ascidian, painted goby, Zeugopterus punctatus, grey trigger-fish, Melobesia membranacea, Titanoderma pustulatum, Stenogramme interrupta, Rhodymenia holmesii, Radicilingua thysanorhizans, Odonthalia dentata, Halopteris filicina, Dictyopteris membranacea
Lichens: Abrothallus parmeliarum, Abrothallus welwitschii, Acarospora impressula, Arthonia graphidicola, Arthonia ilicina, Arthonia stellaris, Arthonia varians, Arthopyrenia carneobrunneola, Arthopyrenia cinereopruinosa, Arthothelium lirellans, Aspicilia laevata, Bacidia bagliettoana, Biatora Britannica, Biatora epixanthoides, Buellia stellulata, Buellia subdisciformis, Caloplaca alociza, Caloplaca aurantia, Caloplaca chlorina, Caloplaca cirrochroa, Caloplaca dalmatica, Caloplaca lactea, Caloplaca littorea, Caloplaca maritima, Caloplaca ochracea, Caloplaca polycarpa, Caloplaca teicholyta, Caloplaca variabilis, Candelariella coralliza, Candelariella medians, Catillaria nigroclavata, Celothelium ischnobelum, Cetrelia olivetorum, Chrysothrix chrysophthalma, Cladonia caespiticia, Cladonia furcata subsp. Furcata, Cladonia ochrochlora, Cladonia squamosa ssp. Squamosa, Clauzadea immersa, Clauzadea metzleri, Collema confertum, Collema cristatum var. marginale, Collema fasciculare, Collema fragile, Collema multipartitum, Collema polycarpon, Collema subflaccidum, Collema subnigrescens, Collemopsidium sublitorale, Degelia plumbea, Dermatocarpon intestiniforme, Diploschistes muscorum, Endocarpon adscendens, Farnoldia jurana, Gomphillus calycioides, Graphina pauciloculata, Graphina ruiziana, Gyalecta derivata, Halecania ralfsii, Hymenelia prevostii, Imshaugia aleurites, Lecania rabenhorstii, Lecanora alboflavida, Lecanora farinaria, Lecanora fugiens, Lecanora poliophaea, Lecidea hypnorum, Lempholemma cladodes, Lempholemma polyanthes, Lempholemma botryosum, Lepraria caesioalba, Lepraria nivalis, Leprocaulon microscopicum, Leproloma membranaceum, Leproplaca xantholyta, Leptogium brebissonii, Leptogium burgessii, Leptogium cochleatum, Leptogium diffractum, Leptogium hibernicum, Lobaria scrobiculata, Lobaria virens, Megalaria grossa, Megalospora tuberculosa, Melanelixia fuliginosa ssp. Fuliginosa, Melaspilea atroides, Mycomicrothelia confusa, Nephroma parile, Opegrapha dolomitica, Opegrapha saxigena, Opegrapha thelotrematis, Parmeliella testacea, Parmeliopsis hyperopta, Peltigera leucophlebia, Petractis clausa, Phaeographis lyellii, Phaeophyscia nigricans, Placopsis lambii, Placynthium subradiatum, Plectocarpon lichenum, Porina hibernica, Porina rosei, Porpidia soredizodes, Protopannaria pezizoides, Pseudocyphellaria crocata, Pseudocyphellaria intricata, Psora lurida, Pyrenidium actinellum, Pyrenula hibernica, Pyrenula laevigata, Pyrenula occidentalis, Racodium rupestre, Rinodina biloculata, Rinodina roboris, Schismatomma niveum, Skyttea nitschkei, Solenopsora holophaea, Solenospora vulturiensis, Solorina saccata, Staurothele fissa, Strigula phaea, Strigula tagananae, Usnea fragilescens var. mollis, Verrucaria calciseda, Verrucaria elaeomelaena, Verrucaria internigrescens, Verrucaria parmigerella, Xylographa parallela
Insects: Dingy skipper, brimstone, brown hairstreak, small blue, pearl-bordered fritillary, dark-green fritillary, silver-washed fritillary, marsh fritillary, small heath, large heath
Endangered species *:
Flora: sea stock, intermediate wintergreen, narrow-leaved bitter-cress, fen violet, wood small-reed, northern yellow-cress, narrow-leaved helleborine, sharp-leaved fluellen
Fauna: shoveler, hen harrier, grey plover, lapwing, knot, snipe, black-tailed godwit, curlew, redshank, greenshank
Insects: short sloth weevil, mud sloth weevil, miry sloth weevil, hotnecked scavenger beetle, ciaróginbán, hydravore, andrena coitana, sphecodes hyalinatus, robust spreadwing, small bluetail, wood white
Gastropods: narrow-mouthed whorl snail, round-mouthed snail


Euphrasia officinalis

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¹ ² ³ * Click here to see Sources.