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Establishing WildAcres in every county in Ireland in order to create safe habitats and to facilitate the free movement of wildlife, vital for biodiversity.

Ecological education supporting the proactive preservation of Nature




In order to achieve this vision we are working to establish WildAcres in every county in Ireland: safe havens where species can thrive and flourish. 


We are all interconnected; we are one family in the wider community of life, which includes birds, trees, insects, water and more.


Help us protect Ireland's biodiversity before it disappears forever and be a part of a future where ecosystems are thriving and in abundance for the   well-being of present and future generations.


"BE the CHANGE you want to see in the world" Ghandi



  Salruck,Connemara          Red Bog,Carlow


WildAwake - A New Dawn










The value of Ireland's land goes far beyond the monetary. 

Yet we must rely on the support of those who believe that its worth is intrinsic, and that the diverse indigenous species who depend upon it deserve our protection and respect.


We are a volunteer-led organisation,

and all funds raised go directly to our programs for education and land.


Our Save a Sod campaign embodies our core belief:

plants, animals, land, watersheds, and humans are all interconnected -

the survival of one depends on the other.


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When you donate to Save a Sod we will send you a Certificate to show our appreciation of your support.



Green Sod Ireland is a member of the Chapel & York Foundation.